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Cool wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

To keep their price point artificially low. Same thing XBOX is doing by now coming out with the external HD-DVD drive instead of including them at launch. If you figure in the price of the hd drive, it's about the same price as the ps3 with it's BR drive. Sneaky Sneaky. But at least they give you the option instead of cramming it down your throat like Sony. Especially for people without HD monitors.
Think about it, who is NOT going to buy another controller for the WII??? I suspect most people will need at least 2 controllers. Especially houses with kids. WII controllers seem pretty hi-tech so im sure it's prolly one of the most expensive parts of the wii since it won't be a graphics power house. Most of their R&D $ went into the controller I would bet. So I wasn't surprised about this. My 360 only came with one controller. Not a big deal.
No matter whet I will own all 3 systems I am still most excited about the wii
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