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Originally Posted by Shawnster
Yeah, it's gunna be interesting to sit back and watch. I just have a really hard time seeing many parents buying a $600 machine and while a serious % of gamers are adults, still to a lot of people $600 in a fat chunck of cash to drop and lets face it... kids are a huge % of sales and I know when I was a kid my parents would have laughed so hard when I begged them asked for a $600 "video game system" that I would have been able to buy it with thier life insurance policy because they would have laughed themselfs to death. haha Kids are spoiled though now days. We'll see how it goes down!

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true parents are gonna be like WTF! but if the sales man was like"YOU GUYS can use it as a blue ray player too!" then the parents can be like "hey a xmas present for the BOTH of us"

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