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Originally Posted by beken View Post
Well, it's been a few years since a list of members of the was last posted.

I've been lurking around motoring|underground all along but never checked my profile.

Since the last time I was told I was NOT a member of I have attended 2 more AMVIVs, a whole bunch of show n shines and drives in Canada and most recently MINI Invasion at Cypress Mountain near Vancouver BC. I also have a Pontiac Fiero (see my garage - an early build 1985 V6 Fiero that recently had collector plates put on) and my car came in first in class at Fiero Fest Northwest.

I just realized I have two sponsors. I don't even know if I'm in that group or not nor do I know what I am missing in applying for membership.

Can we see an updated list and who is still around as the traffic seems to have dropped off the last few years.
here's the list:
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actual rice Click the image to open in full size.
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