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Originally Posted by iDiaz View Post
It looks like Long Beach is going to be only P and GTLM. No PC or GTD.

All I've got to say after watching the Daytona 24 is that I would be furious if I were a sponsor of a formerly-ALMS team. I think I saw the Muscle Milk LMP2 car twice in the entire time I was watching. Several times, I saw them cut away from GTLM and GTD battles to show the lead DP car running all by itself. It was basically like watching Grand Am. If you didn't know any better, you probably wouldn't have even noticed the ALMS presence in watching the TV coverage.
Interesting observation. I really felt like I was watching a GrandAm race the whole time, but hadn't figured out why. I get that you've got to give some time to the overall leader, but the open prototype cars were pretty much ignored. I think if Mazda hadn't had so many breakdowns they would've been completely ignored.
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