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Default "Rally" mods for R60

Hi all,

Excuse my excitement, but I recently broke my thumb so instead of going outside and doing active things, I'm sitting on my couch thinking about what I want to do to Stella.

So part of what I want to be able to do with the R60 is hammer some dirt roads in Northern California when I'm not tooling around the city of San Francisco. To do that, I'm looking at a few things...

Before we go onto the off road mods, I plan to install an SSK, coilovers, camber plates, rear lower control arms, rear sway bar, CAI, exhaust of some sort, and a BBK. That should allow me the kind of engine and handling performance I'd want before pulling off the pavement. I'll do some reading on Subaru and rally forums to see what they're doing to their cars too, as I'm kind of doing this blindly right now.

Pre-modding necessity: rubber mats. Are the OEM ones the best option, or should I look at Weather Tech instead?

First up, rally lights. I want to run one or more of the following:
- A quad light setup in front of the upper grille. Seen this done, but curious as to what (if any) effect it will have on cooling.
- A 37"-42" (need to measure for fit) LED bar mounted to the roof rack rails. This would need custom mounts made (don't mind doing that), and may not fit the aesthetics of the MINI. It would, however, provide insane light power, which keeps it in contention.
- Dual 8"-10" LED bars mounted in front of or behind the upper grille. This would probably look cool, but I don't know how well the lighting would actually work. It would have to be LED lights instead of halogen to avoid adding heat to the radiator/ intercooler area. This option could be combined with the roof-rack mounted LED bar.

I'd want to be able to toggle the lighting completely independently of the factory lights. Ideally, I'd install an OEM switch in a blank spot in my overhead switch board (by the reading/ mood lights).

Second item: mud flaps. MINI has a factory option, and as long as they work well at keeping stones off the side of the car and other drivers' windshields, I'm game to go that route. Anyone have experience?

Third up: underbody panels. High-strength metal skid plates would be a must for spirited off road driving. Has anyone made them yet? I have plenty of local shops that could help me fabricate something, or I could just grab some 1/8" steel plates and my Dremel and go to town.

Lastly, wheels and tires. I don't plan to run the Rotiforms off road, so I'd need something that'd fit that bill better. Are OZs worth it? Should I be looking for anything in particular when considering wheels and tires? Obviously the tires would need to be more knobby and suited for dirt, but should I go down to 16" rather than 17" for the wheels? How about width? 8"? 8.5"?

This is all kind of a long-term idea, but I figure why not start asking around now? Any feedback would be appreciated!

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