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Rubber mats: I had the OEM rubber mats in mine and they were fantastic. Captured everything and they were easy to wash off. Plus they didn't slide around under my feet.

Lights: LED light bars are the way to go. I have a 32" 180W bar on my truck and it turns night into day. A 42" would be mental on the Mini. Have you considered installing a roof rack and mounting the light bar to the underside of the front rack?

Wheels and tyres: I don't have experience in this, but I would suggest an all terrain tyre fitted to a 16" wheel will give you the grip you need. I would go with the widest footprint you can manage without sacrificing suspension travel or turning.

I've got a 'truck' that came with highway tyres (265 wide on a 17" rim, OD 31") and they provided little traction on gravel roads. I swapped them over to a 285 on a 17" rim (OD 33") and the difference in traction was night and day.

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