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I have the Slayer Series suspension by Bag Riders. It is literally plug and play except there are no sway bar tabs up front so mine is just sort of sitting there. A little noisy at times but its not too bad. They have camber plates, damper adjustment, and threaded bodies so you can spin the bag up or down. The kit is really good quality using all airlift parts, bag riders just calls it the slayer series because they put the kit and struts together in house instead of airlift. I also happen to have the Autopilot V2 management and I absolutely love it. I know the accuair management is probably a little more accurate but I love the preset ride heights you can set with the Autopilot and the digital display on the controller. I have never heard anything about an Accuair kit but that doesn't mean it's not there. In my opinion, go airrex, or the slayer series. Plug and play, and they're awesome quality. But from my understanding, the airrex doesn't go as low as the slayer series. So I guess it's whatever you would rather have at that point.

Oh and I am using a 5 gallon Accuair tank, 1/4" airlines, and a single 400cc compressor.

Also, I think the airrex sway bar tabs may fit on the Slayer Series struts so I'm sure you could get some of those tabs from Airrex to attach the sway bar. That's what I plan on doing.
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