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Originally Posted by glnr13 View Post
i have an r56 S front brake kit i'll sell you. exactly as what johnna above posted.

calipers, pads, rotors have less than 1000 miles on them.
stainless brake lines you need for the conversion from r53 to r56 are brand new.

$200 for all of it + shipping
why $200? $100 for the brake parts. $100 for the lines.
i can take pictures if you're interested.
I am extremely interested and yes pictures would be greatly appreciated. I think based on your profile that you live near Orange county? If that's correct, I'll be there in a couple of weeks...maybe we can meet and do a handoff, save the hassle and cost of shipping.

I was told separately that if I get R56 brakes to make sure to get hangars...not even sure what those are but would those be included? If not I'm sure I can buy them separately.

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