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You make an excellent point Rally, I actually didn't even think of that. But the thing is, I'm only going to be dropping my car a couple inches tops (due to some nasty speed bumps in my apt complex), and I'm never going to track my mini. Its pretty much a daily driver that I want to look clean. I know the kw's would probably be a little nicer, but I'm not sure that I would even be able to tell the difference.

All that being considered I called around my area and I could go pick up a set of megans for $800 the kws being in the 1300 range thats 500 difference, not including the whole camber plates deal which would add a couple more hundreds on it... Are the kw's really almost twice as good? The money isnt a matter of saving up because I have the money right now I just dont know if it would be worth it for me. I think I would rather spend the extra 700 or so on other things.
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