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Default Posts per day and absences

So what timeperiod does the forum take into account when determining posts per day?

If it is life of the account it's rough if you have any prolonged absences, like for instance my showing up, having you all mostly a world away so limited topics even apply to me as I also do not have a MINI, but a Mini.

Now that I have come back with 10ish per day in actuality, I'm at 1.6 or thereabouts.

Off for the dragon or a big event would risk putting me below 1.

Just something to consider. May need to look on a case by case basis, as well joining when I hardly new any of you, lived nowhere around, and not having any of the same technical issues on my vehicle to ask about is surely not something that I ought to be punished for when working on keeping up with the (funny u sign) membership desires.
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