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Originally Posted by Dr Obnxs
First off, lucky guy for such a hot base car. Mine sure isn't the "pick of the litter". I'm a bit jelous.
Nooo s***. My '04 MINI only managed to pull off 160hp, despite an AGS and exhaust. MINI should teardown Hollis' MCS and find out what the heck they did different, and apply it to the rest of the line.

Second, good job, to a point. More motor parameters should have been logged, to make sure the car was in identical base states. The Motronic system is like a supermodel with a personality disorder. Lots can effect it's behaviours.
Even if we had logged it, it would have proven difficult to return the car to absolutely identical base states each time. We feel that resetting that Motronic system before each test, including base line, ensured that the engine was operating with the same fuel/timing maps for each intake.

Third, I too have not been able to reproduce the same magnitude of gains that are claimed on dynos. I use a G-Tech, not a dyno, to better replicate real-world air flow. The fan on the car is a bit of a help, but definantly not real world. But at least it was the same for each car!
Your last sentence is exactly what we had in mind. We weren't as interested in absolute numbers as we were in the relative differences between the three intakes and stock, so spending the extra time on a busy dyno day to try to replicate optimal conditions for power would have been trying at best, impossible at worst. I've heard G-Techs aren't that accurate anyway, so I'll stick with our Dyno Dynamics results.

Overall, good job. But if you do it again, get some more data loggin (A/F etc), and do 4-5 pulls per configuration. Lastly return to base so you can make sure that base numbers repeat, and baseline drift isn't an issue.
I agree with doing more pulls, but as this is a comparison test of intakes, it doesn't really matter whether we do two or twenty, as long as each intake gets the same number of pulls. Returning to base would have involved installing the AGS (2-3 hours), removing the AGS and taking it back to stock (2-3 hours), and reinstalling the AGS again (2-3 hours), as this is the intake Hollis ended up keeping. That would have taken an entire extra day at the dyno and 4-6 extra hours from our installer, so for time and cost restraints, this really would not have been a reasonable option to pursue.

Two other comments. Make a table Product Cost HP gain, $/hp, torque gain, $/ft-lb

Make an overlay graph. It's not all about peak numbers. It's really about area under the curve.

Hm... I may take you up on that suggestion. Thanks for the advice.
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