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Default Windshields...

So the Mazda3 picked up a %!@# rock or something in the windshield a couple of weeks ago.

I prefer replacing with a Mazda factory replacement (did the same with the MINI - got a windshield from the dealership), but it seems like Abra Glass thinks I'm a buffoon for the mere suggestion of this concept.

In the case of my MINI, the PPG glass was the best option aside from the OEM - but still had defects for many folks. So I paid the difference and installed a MINI windshield.

The Mazda doesn't have near the curve of the MINI and probably won't be as difficult to get good glass - but I'm still keen on getting the OEM install to ensure good frit, low defect risk, etc.

So that begs the question, who have you used recently for glass?

And how good was the glass you had installed if not OEM?
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