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Default ALTA PnP ECU Announced for the R56 MINI

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ALTA Performance is pleased to finally officially announce the relationship and partnership with UNICHIP of North America! The contracts are finally signed, the vehicle prepped for the SEMA release, dyno results completed, packaging approved, and final approval from UNICHIP North America to make this announcement.

As soon as we got our hands on the R56 Cooper S we instantly knew that MINI had locked away power, both in airflow as well as within the ECU (Engine Control Unit) programming itself. We instantly set forth to produce hard parts (exhausts, intakes, intercoolers etc.) to improve the performance as well as find the best way to add boost, timing and fuel to get further advantage from the airflow improvements. Needless to say, we didnít have to look far as the corporate offices and US testing facility for UNICHIP was located less than 10 minutes from our new facility. Some lengthy meetings with the President Jack Friedman of UNICHIP and their Sales Manager Joe Pucciarelli resulted in the partnership we are announcing today. (In fact we just completed the labor on UNICHIP's SEMA R56 car! It has H&R springs, ALTA Front Mount, inlet hose and intake system all provided and installed by ALTA in our building! Good luck at SEMA guys!)

So what does this mean for you? What this means is you can now go directly to ALTA for ALL your performance needs for the R56! From bumper to bumper we have you covered with a comprehensive program of both hardparts, and software to get the maximum performance out of the car.

The ALTA Plug-n-Play ECU is a simple half hour installation that is completely reversible at anytime you choose. There are no wires to cut, or sensors to mount. Simply follow the included directions and within minutes you can have LOTS more power. For more information on the power potential please CLICK HERE for a link to the Drivetrain Section of North American Motoring and a thread with dyno plots and detailed explanations of where and how the power is coming from.

How it works:
Essentially, the ALTA Plug-n-Play ECU is a separate computer all its own. It takes signals from both the engine sensors as well as the existing ECU and modifies them to establish changes in ignition timing, boost levels, etc. What ALTA brings is extensive dyno testing and tuning of the mapping to make this power. We offer programming that is specific to the level of performance you desire as well as with the other ALTA components you have added or will add to your vehicle. Thus if you have a bone stock R56 or one that has the entire ALTA catalog added to it already, and you wish to add the ALTA Plug-n-Play ECU you can do so immediately and see significant gains in power. The beauty of this is, that if you change things along the way you can get an updated map from ALTA to match that for a nominal fee, and no downtime. For example if you have a map for a stock R56 with ALTA Cat-Back Exhaust, then add an ALTA Intake you can then call us and request to update your ALTA Plug-N-Play ECU! The possibilities are endless.

All ALTA mapping is designed with both power and safety in mind. We understand both the greed for more power as well as the need to keep the reliability of the motor in place! Each map is designed for a specific application, fuel grade etc., but with some cushion left as well. Meaning, the power gained does not put your engine in jeopardy of a catastrophic failure just to gain a couple HP.

In the first quarter of 2008 ALTA will release an in-car tuning, performance meter, upgrade that works with the ALTA Plug-n-Play ECU. Compatible with most Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile devices. For more information Click HERE for a link to our website page that shows all the benefits!

What does this cost?
Well we have good news there as well. The entire package with mapping MSRP is a mere $754.99. This includes the ALTA Plug-n-Play ECU, 2-map selector switch, installation instructions, hardware, how-to guide, technical support via phone or e-mail and warranty. Mere pennies when you see the results HERE!

But wait there is MORE!!
To the first clients to purchase either HERE or via phone at 503-222-MINI will receive an introductory discount of $55.00 AND FREE freight making your net cost only $699.99!
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