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Originally Posted by xalfa View Post
Right, but Alta is now developing their own maps for it, right?
Yes that is correct. That is what makes this different that other people selling a unichip. The Unichips are normally sold with maps that Unichip creates, and dealers just throw them on there.

With the R56 Unichip stuff, we are starting from scratch, and developing our own maps from the ground up.

Originally Posted by onasled View Post
rest what case? Not sure what your talking about.
Alta is just using the unichip which has been around for years for the 53. The unichip is tunable by licensed tuners so just using a supplied map from Alta is no magic. Just get a used Unichip and take your car to someone who can tune it.
Actually our maps are what makes the power. These aren't just maps that unichip supplied for our use. For the R53, this is what happened in the past, but that was the past. We started from scratch and custom tuned these on the dyno.

Originally Posted by xalfa View Post
Ah, but you assume that everyone lives near "someone who can tune it". That is what we in the business would call a bad assumption.
Which is why we are creating better more refined R53 Maps, and of course our library of maps for the R56.
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