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OK, Ok, ok...... I've been really sucking at keeping this all up to date. Hell, I've even been called out by my own brothers for not making enough progress on the mini.

I'm writing this on my laptop in an undisclosed airport at an undisclosed location because that's my freaking life for the last 2 years. I've probably been out of town more than I've been in town. Is that an excuse? No... not at all. I'm just using it like it is one. So here's the deal. I'm going to CREATE a paradigm shift in my life because I need something to happen. I REALLY want the mini to be running by May, so I need to inject change. That's gonna be expensive and time consuming, but here's the few things I'm committed to doing and I hope you guys will enjoy it as a byproduct.

1) I need to just be a man and do stuff. Get off my ass and get in the garage. Cold weather isn't an excuse. I can crank up the garage heater and down some Red Bull.

2) I'm gonna stop waiting on parts to complete one piece before moving onto the next. I can do interior while I wait for engine parts. I can do electrical when things are held up elsewhere. Not too much at once, but not a linear approach. It's clearly not working.

3) I'm gonna document my progress. Right now I'm creating a YouTube account for my adventures. It's not gonna be your high energy, in your face, douchy/click-bait VLOG. I'm going more for how-to and creative automotive work. How things are done, how the restoration is going, and what I'm working on next. A lot of you guys were interested in the little projects I did on Tink before the restoration started, so I figured you might watch some of the simple things I do to get her rebuilt. Bonus is that there's gonna be another car in the stable next year and that will get some airtime as well... if you're interested in American cars as well.

So if you're interested in a video version of the build (Not quite Project Binky... be forewarned), and you get to sort of get to know me and my personality in the meantime, go to my YouTube channel and subscribe and hit the little bell icon so you're notified when there are updates. There aren't any videos on there just yet, but it'll help me gauge interest. First video next week and I'm gonna try to do one a week to help me stay accountable to viewers and the build.

Click here to watch my awkward self on YouTube

Any suggestions or tips are always welcome from my friends here at Restoration Mini.

"If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit."
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