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Default Time for change.. (alignment experience needed)

Alright so I've decided to switch it up a bit.. Been playing the low game for a year or so and want to start really driving the car. So it's time for another alignment and for the car to come up a bit. With what I've been reading its seeming like ideal camber specs are around:
-2 front
-1.7 rear with a bit of toe in..

I know there's a million threads on this but seems a lot of them are older.. So looking for experience some have had now that time has passed on.
I do a lot of backwoods and highway driving so I don't want anything too crazy and would only track it a few times unless I really get the bug for it.

So my question is this..
With driving a minimum of 40miles a day and the mini being my only car. What's a good range I should look for when getting it aligned that will make me very happy with its responsiveness and not kill my tires?
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