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Originally Posted by not-so-rednwhitecooper View Post
Even a few of your pics look like my EB car just in a different color, lol. Your stance is nearly the same as mine was.

I think a set of 5-10mm rear spacers would look awesome, maybe a little more camber out back too.
Haha awesome, what coils were you running?

That's running a 5mm in the back at the moment, will be switching it to a 12mm and a 5mm in the front when I do the stud conversion. Do you mean more negative camber at the back???

The plan is (when I get all the alignment bits) is to have the backs looking like the fronts are now (but +5mm out) and the fronts looking like how the backs are now (but +12mm out). So a wider front track. Essentially ET30 front and ET37 rear via spacers...

But for now I just want to get the stance looking right as it bugs the crap out of me. The top of the back tyre actually lines up with the arch but it's cambered in too much making it look like gap...
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