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Originally Posted by Louisxiii
It's not censorship, its called being mature. Not for anything if u have to swear, you should be old enough to do this ****. From my experience arguments in threads are sometimes caused by swearing because we don't see you on the other side of the screen. So no kidding some people are going to be offended. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone here but at some point in time it will get out of hand and being an administrator of a forum, it's his responsibility to control it and one way is to censor. Either that or he has to trust every member to do this ****...right, it never works because many people are stubborn.

I would think by now everyone should know what this means ****; it means the same thing no matter what.
Thanks, Louis! Yeah, believe me, I've done my share to try to keep it out of control by deleting overtly foul-mouthed posts and messaging users who take it too far. Inevitably, a lot of the same users disregard my request to cool it down, so I've grown weary of trying to control it in that way.
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