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Originally Posted by th3band1t View Post
We run these on our ChumpCar. They aren't acutally that gummy on the track. They held heat well for the car we were running. Even though we did get them heat cycled quite a bit.

I recently purchased some Motegi MR125 for AutoX along with a set of Star Specs and some WMW Studs because going with studs you have a waaaaay larger group of wheels that will fit. You also have the option of Hancook RS3's which are a very nice tire as well, except for they arent as sticky as the Star Specs in the rain.
RS3's are horrible in rain. Literally ran off the track on a tight corner, I came in a little too fast, but needless to say, that was the last lap for my late afternoon anyways since the track got wiped out from rain. But I'd choose RS3's over SS for my trackdays.
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