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Default Los Angeles canyon suggestions?

I celebrated my first weekend in my 07 Astro Black MCS with my first bit of real canyon carving in the Hollywood hills on Saturday. I started by heading up Laurel Canyon, which was a mess of traffic and old, slow people. But whatever, I was aiming for Mulholland anyway. Traffic was turning right so I turned left, hit the sport button, and stuffed the go pedal. I was getting tailed by a Range Rover Sport for a good bit of it. He was showing off to his unimpressed girlfriend by tailing me in the straights but I lost him in the curves. I have never had so much fun in a car before. I wasn't even going crazy fast, but I can't describe how exciting it was to really see what my new car could do. The difference between this car and my old Mustang is incredible. I'll miss it, but I never had this much fun in it, that's for sure.

So that brings me to my question. For you fellow Angelinos and neighbors, where do you like to drive around here? Local canyons? Day trips? And do you ever meet up for runs?
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