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Originally Posted by tcowden View Post
Just my $0.02...

I don't know how low you are looking to go with your suspension, but remember you may want, or need, to install the adjustable lower rear control arms and/or front camber plates to bring your camber back to normal to prevent excessive tire wear. The wider the tires, the more wear you will see on the inside edges without the adjustment.

I've also read that the front and/or rear swaybar links may need to be replaced with adjustable ones after installing coilovers, since the suspension geometry has changed.

Yeah, I'm also debating what direction to go with my R56. The TSW KW 2 coilovers look great, but by the time you also buy adjustable camber plates, you're not too far off from the CROSS setup.

Decisions, decisions...


KW is the win for sure. i would have them if i didnt have the bilsteins.

Yes you will WANT (not necessarily need) to get camber plates and rear control arms, but camber isnt the major reason for tire wear,,,,Its your toe settings. a screwed up toe setting really takes a toll on your tires. That being said, camber is your friend when wanting to corner faster in a mini. You will find that lowering the car really doesnt make the car corner faster, hell sometimes it makes it corner slower with excessive understeer. To me adding some negative camber is what really makes the mini handle well. I run -2.4 camber up front and -1.7 in the rear and i dont have excessive tire wear becuase i have a proper alignment. Its not totally necessary to get sway bar links either. Thats mainly if you go SUPER low and change out sway bars. Im still on the stock front sway bar links.

just something to think about
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