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Ok I just want to get a few things straight. First of all, if anyone is familiar with miniboys r50, that's the look I eventually want to achieve.

Yes I'm looking for better handling, I love the way my r53 handles and I don't really want to lose that. But because I'm only going to be driving on the street, I'm also looking for stance/looks as well. This is why I've pretty much narrowed it down to either the v1's or v2's.

Now my biggest questions are when it comes to control arms, camber plates, and swaybar endlinks.

Until I save up for a set of aggressive fitment wheels (which won't be for a while), I'm just going to lower the car on coils and I'll be running my stock 16" R90's. In that case, what's the deal with control arms, camber plates, and swaybar endlinks? I'm assuming I'll need control arms, but can I wait a while to get the camber plates? I'm really not familiar with how drastically camber is affected when lowering the car.
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