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Originally Posted by Captain Claw View Post
Yeah I get what your saying. I just assume hate because everyone always try's tO steer people away from them hahah.

If you lived closer I'd come for sure hahah my car is in needed of a total detal inside and out. That's why I haven't posted pictures in a long time

Those that disliked the MEGANS may have been started with a few that wanted to lower their MINI's more then 1.5 inches which placed the first gen Megans at a disadvantage for total shock travel rate compared to others offered at the time? For street driven MINI's or DD to go much lower and reducing the ground clearance seems ridiculous? I don't know anywhere anymore that at some point will run into into speed bumps, steep driveways, weird slow off camber turns with a hill or bad roads in general, so having a little extra suspension travel insures both safety and sanity for your ride?

As for ther detailing, it is general consensus around most forums that I seldom drive my MINI. It is an 02 and for the first few years I clocked a very quick 30k miles on the California coastal highway 1 on many a rainey day and a few times even went off road with it!
It was not until I open a MINI only shop that I desided to clean every thing up and also paint or powder coat, polish and shine parts that I offered up. That is also were the RED parts theme came from as well. Selling parts like early M7 or ALTA parts that were black and trying to have them stand out in pictures was next to imposible....hence the RED.

Here is an early picture of my rear chassis. Looks a bit like yours?

Click the image to open in full size.

And now: With Megans in RED.

Click the image to open in full size.
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