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Originally Posted by ScottinBend View Post
Can you tell me the reason you got this instead of the R56? I can't see why MINI even offers this. I am not trolling as I am sincerely interested in the why's.

First, I wanted a bigger MINI, as this is now our only car (sold the mini van last week, thank God!). And we will try to be a single car family for some time. And then, I wanted to get rid of my previous "garage queen" as it became more as obsession rather then fun... R56 I would take any time if I can have another car for family. R61, I liked since concept. Everything I had issue with on R60, is "fixed" as far as I am concerned.
I also wanted ALL4. A crossover. A higher MINI (never lowering again, at least as long as I am living in downtown Toronto).

As I already wrote an answer to similar question somewhere else, since there is no "original size" MINI that I can buy new (wait till you see even bigger F series...), I might as well get a bigger MINI that I like.

I went crazy with modding my R55... I realized that when I started taking crap off the car for trade in. Hanging out too much on forums was to "blame" in part... Again, became sickness sort of speak, more then fun. I had to have all mods...

With R61, it will be a few "basics" (summer wheels, cheap exhaust and short shift adapter. Basically my favorite mods). But, not before I sell ALL I accumulated for R55...

Hope I explained it well?
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