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Originally Posted by ElderHatesman View Post
Glad to see you finally introduce it here. I've been seeing it over on Instagram for a little while now. Out of curiosity, what were the issues you had with the Countryman that the Paceman fixed in your mind?
Main issue with Countryman was 4 doors. Don't like that. Especially, front doors and position of the pillars on that car: front door are too small, and pillar is in the way. I am not a basketball player, but few times I got in and out of the CM I got "stuck"...
Second was the design or rear bucket seats with "holes" to the back. Paceman rear buckets were redesigned for 2013 (my car).
Paceman is a bit lower by design and suspension.
Paceman has no Mini Mouse on the front (although they changed it on CM as well)

It think that's it. Not much in total, but just enough

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