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Default What Youtube Channels do you watch?

Just looking at the classic mini's thread, I wondered what people are watching on YouTube...

I'm following a huge range of car's some of my picks:

Motortrend (especially roadkill and the new engine masters series)
Mighty Car Mods
Speed Academy
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Drive and Drive+
Chris Harris on Cars
Ammo NYC / Larry Kosilla
Car Torque (Australian)
Colin Furze (LOL!! Check this guy out..)
Harry's Garage (Awesome channel, founder of Evo)
Hoon TV (Also Australian)
Jay Leno's Garage
Motorsport Retro
Motorsport History TV
Nick Murray
Team Gunnar (Sweet Porsche Restos)
Tenn Xoomsai
Toms Turbo Garage
The Smoking Tire
Singular Entity
Eetzi Productions (Super Awesome Swedes turbo'ing old Volvos)

If you want to see hacks ruining cars, 'B is for Build' is vaguely amusing...

What do you guys watch / follow?

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