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Originally Posted by TheWanderer View Post
9.5 ET25 is right around where things start to get fuzzy. I'm running 16x9 ET25. Unfortunately I haven't been able to measure how much room I have left.

There is a thread where we discuss if/how 9.5s will fit. Gimme a sec and I'll link it.

8.5 ET30 is prolly gonna have issues too.

And what tire size are you considering? With a good amount of stretch you can fit pretty much anything, anywhere right Flamez?

well there were some keskins online for little money in that size so I was wondering... with a 215/35/18 tire but i guess the 9,5 in combination with 18" is killing..

I found that thread.. thanks for the tip.. I guess I let the wheels go.. 8,5x18 is some I would dare.. but 9,5... after reading the 9,5 topic I am not sure it will ever fit nicely..

Thanks for the response tho!


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