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I just helped fund this:

​​The Local Motors Cruiser is a modern take on a classic bicycle. It was designed by a member of the Local Motors community, and the first prototypes were built in our Microfactory. It’s a product of true co-creation and vehicle innovation, and you have the chance to own one of the first models available by taking part in the first-ever Local Motors-sponsored crowdfunding campaign.
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The gas-powered version of the Cruiser features a Honda GXH50 49cc 4-stroke air-cooled motor with 2.0 lb-ft torque at 450 rpm, can travel up to 70 miles on just one tank of gas, and gets approximately 150/mpg. With a max speed of 34 miles per hour, the gas-powered Cruiser maintains the feel of a classic board track racer; from the iconic styling, to the riding posture, to the custom-tuned throat resonant stainless exhaust.
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The zero-emissions Electric Cruiser can travel 20+ miles on a single, fully-charged battery set (up to 40 miles with a second battery), features a Brushless DC - 500W 36V rear wheel drive hub motor with regenerative braking, and in the current configuration is projected to cost less than $0.01 per mile to operate. Whether in the city or a suburban neighborhood, the Electric Cruiser will give you an awesome vintage look with a modern, eco-friendly twist.

Fun to ride, the Electric Cruiser is the perfect power-assisted bicycle choice for commuting to work; just ride it there, plug it in, and ride it home. You’ll save money every day you ride it.
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