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I finished nearly everything I wanted to last weekend and was all ready to take it for a spin. It fired up immediately, idled fine (well, as fine as it normally did) and I got it to the bottom of my driveway where it stalled. I tried to start it back up, dead battery. So I kick started it, and it died as soon as I let off the throttle and blew the fuse.

The only thing I messed with in the electrical box was replacing the turn signal relay but I guess maybe I unplugged the regulator/rectifier? Or maybe the new turn signal relay is touching it? I didn't know enough about it at the time to check it out and it was getting late yesterday, so I guess I'll take a look tonight and see what I can find.

It looks REALLY good though, I'm extremely pleased how it turned out. If I don't get it running tonight I may just push it out to the street to take pics.
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