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A vibration issue like you're describing is normally more of a wheel balance or tire issue. I may have missed if you said they're new tires, but if not, they could either be out of balance or have wear patterns that are contributing to the vibration. Even if they're new, it doesn't mean they were balanced well (weights can come off), or there can be run-out issues on the wheel or tire that would cause the vibrations. Suspension or alignment issues could still be present, but if the only thing that just changed was the wheels and tires, I'd start there.

I have found that in many cases a properly sized hub ring is the best way to resolve vibrations like you're describing. I don't really know why, because a properly torqued wheel should be evenly centered on all of the lugs, but the only guess I can make is that the tiniest margin of error on the wheel centering can produce a big imbalance in the wheel.
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