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I think I'm going to sell the bike. Anyone interested in it? It runs great but it's no fun to ride here at the beach and it just sits in the garage. It has less than 5k total miles. Asking $5,500. It would ship pretty much anywhere for $500 FWIW, that's how I got it to me. Most of the mods are detailed in this thread, but:

1972 CB750 K2
Original tins
Original 4-in-4 exhaust
Original seat

Complete front end overhaul from '76 GL1000
- Bigger forks
- Dual disc brakes
Stainless steel brake lines
New upper triple tree
New GPS speedometer
New tarrozi rearsets
New tachometer
New controls
New clip on handlebars
New throttle body
New throttle cable
New clutch cable
New clutch lever
New Nissin brake lever
New headlight
New turn signals (front and rear)
New LED brake light

It rides great and is a looker.

It doesn't need anything, but what I would recommend doing to it is:
- A lower triple tree with adjustable bump stops to keep the clip-ons from hitting the tank (or a new upper triple and clubman bar setup)
- Front fender if that's your thing. It looks awesome without it but don't try riding it in the rain like that
- The original tins are in "ok" shape, I'd call them a 7/10. The problem is they can't be refinished easily because the original color codes have been lost. The only way to get this color back is to buy a new set from yoshimura, which is $$$. About $1k.

Click the image to open in full size.IMG_1926 by Jason Withers, on Flickr

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