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Old 06-20-2012, 11:32 PM
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Default Borla Exhaust Systems Demonstration for R53 Mini Cooper S


I own a 2006 Mini Cooper S, and have been wanting an aftermarket performance exhaust system. I was leaning towards Borla because they have a great history of quality and performance.

The only issue... There are two systems for the Cooper S from Borla!

There is the Touring (Street) version and the Aggressive (Race) version. Which to choose when there is not much information found for dyno results and sound clips that are labeled and decent quality?

With assistance from Borla, I was able to test both systems on my Mini and make a video with them installed to help any one else who is considering an aftermarket performance exhaust system for their vehicle. This video is the demonstration for both systems on my Mini. All the footage was captured with a GoPro Hero camera.

There are no further powertrain modifications (at this time), so this is the sound on a stock engine.

There is a gain with both exhaust systems, but the Aggressive has a larger increase. The sounds from both systems are a low sounding smooth tone. The Aggressive one is louder, but not as loud as the title "aggressive" would lead you to think. With the windows up, the Aggressive is slightly louder than stock while cruising in cabin, but with the windows down you can enjoy the sound where it is noticeable on cruise. The Touring is about the same sound as stock when cruising, windows up or down.

The main area you hear both systems is on accel. The Aggressive is louder than the touring, but it is not a bad sound. Both systems give an enjoyable, smooth, deep sound. In the lower RPM range is when you here the rumble more noticeably.

Just a note that Borla and I discussed about the video, the tips for the Touring system should extend slightly past the bumper as the Aggressive one does.

Touring system is for sale if interested, here is the link to the posting:
Click Here for NAM Market Place

Hope this helps with choosing an exhaust system for your Mini!

Enjoy the video.

Click Here for Video
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