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Safety & Race Preparation Roll cages, harnesses, seats, weight reduction, etc. Anything pertaining to taking your car to the highest level of performance.

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Old 01-15-2006, 06:20 AM
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Default A little Helmet Information

Each organization determines the guidelines for helmet requirements. It is important to check the guidelines as you may be turned away from an event without the proper helmet.

There is a lot of information about helmets, here are a few excerpts:
Open-faced helmets are fine for autocrossing but for road racing, if you care about your face, wear a closed-face helmet. In an accident, debris and car parts will be flying. The steering wheel will come to you as the suspension is crushed. Your harnesses will stretch as we discussed in the last article. Fire may also be present in an accident. Protect what is important to you.
M Rated Helmets:
Snell "M" (Motorcycle) rated helmets are designed for motorcycling and other motorsports. They offer slightly less protection than SA rated helmets.

What are the key differences between SA and M Rated Helmets:
  • SA standard requires flammability test while the M standard does not.
  • SA standard has rollbar impact test while M standard does not.
  • SA standard allows narrower visual field than M standard (Some SA helmets aren't street legal).


You want to check with your local organization to which helmets are allowed. For example, the San Diego chapter of the BMW Car Club of America will accept helmets displaying a Snell 95 or newer sticker. But this is the last year for that rating.


The 2006 SCCA guidlines:
4.3.1 HelmetsHelmets meeting the following standards must be worn while oncourse: All helmets meeting the current or two immediatelypreceding Snell Foundation standards (SA, K, or M), or SFIstandards 31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A, or 41.2A are acceptable.

The 2006 NASAProRacing Guidelines
Use a proper fitting helmet that meets Snell 1990 (SA1990; M1990) or newer (or
equivalent) standards for cars or motorcycles.

These two bodies determine the specifications for most organizations:
SFI Foundation
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