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agile_moments 10-21-2014 02:59 PM

Need an image vector for making a!
So... my PC and laptop both with Adobe suite capabilities are out of action right now and I'm relegated to using my phone for internetting. I have an image I want to vectorize so it can be made into a printed decal for my MINI...can anyone help a brother out here? Will provide finished product pair of decals if so desired.

Konstantinos 10-22-2014 02:23 AM

Send it to me at Konstantinos at thinqmac (dot) com

agile_moments 11-02-2014 02:16 AM

Anyone else able to assist with this? I'd greatly appreciate it!

MtyMous 11-02-2014 02:31 AM

Why not post the image you want vectorized in here and give us a little bit more detail on what you want done?

Vectoring one mask on a stencil can take 5 minutes. Vectoring multiple layers of multiple masks on a very complex image can take days to get right.

You've given us all of zero details so far on what you're asking for, so it's not likely you'll be getting anyone jumping in to help blindly after Konstantinos' help wasn't enough.

agile_moments 11-11-2014 10:34 PM

fair enough. Not trying to be difficult here. This is the image. it's meant to be a replica of the Ferarri fender shield. 4" x 3 1/4".

MtyMous 11-11-2014 10:50 PM

No worries. I can try it out. The hard part is going to be the color gradient. The rest of it seems simple.

agile_moments 11-14-2014 03:44 PM

Hey I appreciate it. If it's terribly difficult to do the gradient, feel free to run without it, just using the solid, darker yellow tone across the whole badge. Really I just appreciate the help.

MtyMous 11-14-2014 05:49 PM

Is that the highest resolution photo you have?

agile_moments 11-14-2014 07:02 PM

it is, unfortunately.

MtyMous 11-14-2014 07:05 PM

It's just hard to get a good vector from it. And if you want the gradient, it will have to be rasterized. And unless you're ink printing with a pretty high quality printer, you won't want it rasterized. I'll try to get something out of it, but it's going to be pretty difficult with it being such low resolution.

MtyMous 11-18-2014 02:13 AM

Sorry bud. I tried a lot of different things. Aside from doing everything manually and making an entirely new logo.... which I actually almost did.

Get me a high res and it'll be much simpler.

glnr13 11-18-2014 04:32 AM

1 Attachment(s)
2 versions. one with the grey outline, another with the outline knocked out. no gradients in either.

MtyMous 11-18-2014 01:18 PM

And glen is awesome. How did you do it? Manual trace in illustrator?

Lukifer 11-18-2014 03:49 PM

I have no idea what you guys are doing.

glnr13 11-18-2014 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by MtyMous (Post 800736)
And glen is awesome. How did you do it? Manual trace in illustrator?

yeah, i went in with the pen tool and handled business :P

Originally Posted by Lukifer (Post 800737)
I have no idea what you guys are doing.

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