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Samtrak 11-29-2005 07:47 AM

The Mad Laboratory of Samtrak - MINI RSR


2004 MCS delivered 12/10/2003

current odometer reading: 53,000 as of 05/16

link to NAM gallery

The story of RSR,
Acquired from MINI of Portland, December 18th 2003, with a whopping 8 miles on the odometer, MINIRSR was the creamy center of my Oreo. Before the car left the dealership, I had already ripped off the stock antenna, and installed a more aesthetic shorty unit. It was ON! The next few days were majestic; I created a video journal of the car's maiden voyage down the Pacific Coast Highway towards Los Angeles. (Road Trip right click and 'save target as')

Once the car arrived home, it wasn't long until the transformation began. It was on that first night, the 18" wheels came off the old 97 Civic EX. They were clearly not fitting correctly yet, but I didn't care at the time. I had to get my pimp on! On the second day back home in the garage is when it happened. All of my photoshop drawings, piles of pre-ordered mods, and 6 months of waiting had come to a head.
the original photoshop concept sketch

The car went up on jacks and was torn into pieces. The garage looked like a grenade had exploded a MINI inside of it. Turn a 20 color car into a 1 color car was my philosophy. Everything went to the painter, while I began working on gauges and bolt-ons. The process took a while, I had no deadline. So after three months, and some driving without a front bumper, RSR version 1.0 was released. The car had gained popularity on the internet before it was born, due to some early leakages of photoshop sketches. No one had painted over all of the black and white and chrome that the MINI designers had liberally spread everywhere. What would it look like?
oh my what a mess.

RSR answered all the questions. Though the arches and side-mirrors of MINIs had been previously painted by other tuners, RSR went above and beyond, being the first to sport body color headlight trim, door handles, gas cap, hood squirters. While there are many beautiful MINIs in the world, RSR has a couple of signature touches that make it classy and original. First and foremost RSRs signature mod; the front bumper has been shaved smooth of its grille giving the MINI a completely different facial expression. Think, sinister track whore.... The concept was that of the front bumper of the 1980s Porsche RSR.
Racing Porsche RSR

Also smoothed out, the hood sports no MINI wings under the bonnet scoop like the rest of its kin. Further shaving, scoops, ducts and details, a plethora of other mods round out the cars performance, always keeping weight reduction in mind. Pioneering the dechroming movement in the MINI community wasn't hard once people saw the finished result. This MINI has time and time proved to be a mad creation from the laboratory.

NOW AVAILABLE, M7 Tuning is the official distributor of Samtrak's vented front side panels. Contact for pricing!

Dechromed and Shaved
Dark Silver Vader


12" 600 watt HE2 rockford fostgate subwoofer in custom "rear seat delete" enclosure
V12 600 watt alpine amp
200 watt JVC receiver with USB


DS arches
DS door handles
DS gas cap
DS mirrors
DS squirters
DS fire extinguisher
DS M7 Quarter Panel Vents designed by Samtrak
M7 rear diffuser gen2 (protoype car for all R53 MINIs)
M7 C-Wing (protoype car for all R53 MINIs)
GP rear bumper inserts
shaved hood
shaved front bumper
no antenna
no backseats
no rear wiper
no side curtain airbags
OUT MOTORING stubby 7" antenna
CTD blacklight side markers
MOSS "pocket" style organizer
MOSS tinted alteeza projectors FOR SALE!!! $250.00
PRO MINI boost and temp gauge
phillips blue vision bulbs
chrome bulbs for indicators
20% tint
Ian Culls Auto Up and Track Mode circuit
2x Sparco EVO2 plus in black
2x Sparco 5 point harness with shoulder pads
Sparco steering wheel 330mm
Nardi steering wheel 350mm Deep Corn
JOEY mod black back headlight assembly
custom painted OEM tailights
WEBB Motorsports Brake Ducts
Autopower half cage with diagonal and harness bar

Suspension, Wheels, Brakes:

Willwood BBK 12.9" rotors and 4 piston calipers
4x SSR Competitions 17x7.5 42mm OS 13lbs
4x Volk TE-37 black 17x8 38mm OS 15.2lbs
8x Kumho Ecsta MX 220/AA/A 215-45-W17
H&R 40mm springs
M7 coilovers
H-Sport Camber Plates
H&R 19mm rear sway bar
Megan Adj. Rear Control Arms
M7 front strut tower brace
Alta Front End Links
Alta Rear End Links
Lug Nut Stud Bolt conversion
Hawk Ceramic Pads
Super Blue Brake Fluid

Engine, Transmission:

Mini Madness 37% short shift
HAI K&N 1550
Alta oil catch can
oil breather
Odyssey pc680 14.7 lbs drycell battery
Alta 15% SC reduction pulley
M7 64-62mm Wide bore throttle body
NGK one step colder iridium sparkplugs
Custom Straight through exhaust by Samtrak
MTH chip
TSW Engine Dampener

heres are some pictures to please the ocular sockets:

This is a picture of the old and new center exit straight through exhaust.
Thanks to the force dynamics guru, Will at M7 for the R&D on the project.

a rare glimpse at the under body of RSR, before the USS, underbody panels, and diffuser...

the exhaust is comprised of 2x Borla XR-1 mufflers in-line and straight through.

the battery has been relocated to the center of the car, where the rear seats used to be.

Peter Horvath of M7 has been quoted about this car, "Thats the second loudest MINI Ive heard." The first being of course, MAXMINI.

Also here are some videos!!!

This is the account of the beginning of my MINI adventure. Having picked the car up in Portland Oregon, the drive down the PCH to Los Angeles proved a worthy adventure with plenty of awesome eyecandy!

Please right click and "save target as"

youtube link to adventure video

and a few more just for archiving and FUN!

promos for speed:

speed channel episode:

the burnout clip:
(im trying to find it again)

North American Motoring Gallery


Konky 11-29-2005 07:52 AM

Very nice as usual!

jon 11-29-2005 07:56 AM


Will 11-29-2005 11:23 AM

So when are you gonna take off those awful and useless vent scoops?

Ask Jenn why, she knows the answer. Hehehe.

Other that, love it! When's the custom interior going in?

Big Jimmy 11-29-2005 01:27 PM

That second picture is craaaazy... whoa...

franz 11-29-2005 03:31 PM


next on the list

camber plates
sparco 2000s
really a nice car samtrak!

just put the quaife up in your list! it's the best thing you can add to your mini

simplygriff 11-29-2005 04:25 PM

Very nice. I think I Dl'd a pic of your car when I was looking for wheels. :tu:

Big Jimmy 11-29-2005 05:20 PM

Hey sam... That racing picture... did you take your headlights off? Just off completely?

Samtrak 11-29-2005 05:39 PM

yes i did indeed take off the head lights completely.

who needs the weight?
its easier to tell in this pic....

Will, those scoops are aesthetic! and minimally functional.

Nardo 11-29-2005 06:33 PM

i haven't seen your ride in a while... i haven't seen YOU in a while.

Chase 11-29-2005 06:51 PM

Hey man, Super nice ride. Cant wait to see pics of the new stuff when you put it on. Im jealous of the quaife. If i could afford one, id get one.

benthevegan 11-29-2005 07:38 PM

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :biggthump :biggthump :nod: So so nice! Always been my favorate MINI..............I'm such a sucker for the de chromed monochromatic look:biggthump ! Keep the pics comin.....

Wong 11-30-2005 05:58 AM

Oh man so Clean!! Has gotta be one of my favorite Minis! Where did you get your Intake scoops from? Did you have to paint them the same color as your car? I personally like the scoops.

Samtrak 11-30-2005 06:06 AM

those are made by orciari, an italian company. they are distributed by proMINI, and retail at approx. 130 shittters. peeep their site....

Wong 11-30-2005 06:16 AM

So did you paint them? Cause on the website they show they come white...

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