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JohnnyR56 06-25-2014 03:15 AM

R56 Navigation swap..
Not really sure if this would be the correct place to be asking this question, But ill go for it anyways. I have a R56 with no navigation system. If i was to find a R56 with a navigation system in it, would it fit/work in my car? if so does anyone have info that would help me out with the swap...
Thanks, John:tu:

Partsman 06-27-2014 05:00 AM

I think you would be better off buying an R56 that came with navigation from the factory, as opposed to trying to swap it.

rkw 06-27-2014 06:12 AM

Someone on NAM did a successful Navigation retrofit: This was for 2011+ model year (2007 to 2010 have a different Nav system). That person has a technical background and had to figure out many things by himself. If you can't do it yourself, it would be better to buy an R56 that already has Nav.

glnr13 06-28-2014 12:13 AM

you no have smartphone + aux input? just throwing out a cheaper and simpler solution.

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