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MtyMous 05-07-2015 01:00 PM

Golf ball size hail vs my car...
I live in Oklahoma as most of you know. And the waves of storms brought at least three waves of golf ball size hail through my neighborhood. Since I only have room for the mini and my wife's car in the garage, the truck had to stay outside. But I have a secret weapon to defend against hail. Check out the video to see what it is.

thebestever 05-07-2015 02:33 PM

i saw this on facebook last night. this is amazing. you totally win!

maxmini 05-07-2015 10:08 PM

Absolutely brilliant solution , well played .

ScottinBend 05-07-2015 11:39 PM

I have relatives in NE and KS and they all use old comforters for protection. Sometimes several of

MtyMous 05-08-2015 03:02 AM

There are many alternative options, but this one is good for me. Rolls up and stays in the bed of my truck until I need it. Battery powered or AC and works extremely well. The golf balls didn't do a single thing to it. It's saved me from at least 5 similar hail storms now.

That's $2500 worth of deductibles saved.

ScottinBend 05-08-2015 03:38 PM

Hey it is a great product, just thought it was funny that a lot of folks use old comforters as protection...;)

MtyMous 05-08-2015 04:25 PM

My neighbors always give me crap about it in a joking way, but when we went outside and they all had some intense hail damage and I was under the bubble... no one was laughing. lol.

jiminni 05-08-2015 04:34 PM

Looks some kind of horror movie!

LowCountry S 05-08-2015 06:24 PM

Glad to see it really works!

I seem to recall seeing this thing on one of those "inventors" shows that look for backing and manufacturing help a few years ago, and thought it was an awesome idea.... I've used pillows, couch cushions and comforters to avoid that shit! Thought I was going to have to do that for the MINI at the Dragon a couple of years ago (hail went right around Fontana)

I bet the neighbors shut up laughing real quick and they will all have them next week, (how many asked where you got it? lol)

MtyMous 05-08-2015 06:50 PM

They all know where I got it. One guy has a 3 car garage, 2 cars, but too much shit in it to pull both cars in so I have no sympathy.

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