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Wraith 08-25-2015 01:49 PM

Coilovers and Corner Balancing
Coilovers and Corner Balancing

I see that a lot of the M|U kewl styling is dropped, little to no wheel gap.
and the rake/stance. Which I truly like.
I am guessing has to do with coilovers and or air suspension.

I do know that some race cars in different brackets setup there
cars by corner balancing, scales setup on under each wheel, the coilovers are adjusted
up or down to redistribute the weight, to create the closest to a 50/50 distribution,
some are also setup with this while the car steering is turned full lock left and right.
and a readjusted alignment. Cost a lot, 500 to 2K to have done. Scales and equipment cost 3-5K.
making the car handle better, to maximize the drivers advantage. I have seen this done.
with Vintage Porsche , BMW Spec Cars, and a couple of Race Minis.

It would look somewhat like a lowered car without the Rake or stance. But the way it handles, changes everything in a modified street car.
Ha s anyone done this, to there street or race car?

ScottinBend 08-25-2015 03:41 PM

Coilovers do allow some corner balancing to be done, but it is usually limited to balancing rear left and right and front left to right.......not front to rear (at least on a FWD car, to big of a difference)

Is it beneficial for a street driven As you approach the limits of handling on a track, it will allow for a bit more performance.

Wraith 08-25-2015 06:19 PM

Good points, I was looking at the R60 All4, to my understanding it's 400 lbs heavier, and was an transmission that transfer the power more to the front, as speed increases (going straight and no other demands "highway driving"). This is were it could be interesting.

I know this was done on a Mazda Miata, to my understanding it shifted the front rear weight ratio 1 to 2% not much. Thinking about it. It might have also been done as a couple other suspension were mods done so I can't verify it was done from Corner balancing.

So you don't believe it's worth the doing in a street car? Interesting.

Rally 08-25-2015 09:22 PM


Originally Posted by Wraith (Post 803270)
So you don't believe it's worth the doing in a street car? Interesting.

Thing such as this are used to squeeze out a few seconds on a lap time when a car is being run at the edge of its limit on the track with an experienced driver.

On the street, a car is rarely being pushed close to its limits, so there's not much opportunity to notice or appreciate minute changes such as corner balancing. Some experienced drivers may be able to tell if they were to push their street cars hard through mountain roads, but in 99% of street car usage, you couldn't tell the difference.

This goes for a lot of modifications, honestly. Most people don't push their cars hard enough to truly warrant many of the parts that we install....but they're still fun to do anyways :P

Wraith 08-25-2015 10:09 PM

Very valid points, I guess it's the styling and mods for most street cars is the main appeal. Finding the 1% that it matters to would be difficult, and or the 1% goes into racing. But thanks for point of view.
The quest for street performance goes on.

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