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So the MINI got to MD, and was like, "Fuck this cold shit!", and it promptly ran over a 2ft rock. Oh, that rock was 20ft off the road, but a at least it didn't crash into all the nearby trees! I wasn't even speeding! The car was damaged, but not too badly, and the past few months, have been me trying to find time to get it back up and running AND better than ever. With the subframe out, all new FCA and sway bushings are now in place. The new control arm (old one bent due to rock) and motor mounts bushings are also installed. All Powerflex of course. Only a few details remain as the car is slowly put back together with the precious free time I have. Other than some paintwork on the front bumper and door, final reassembly is all that remains! She still sits in "service mode" at the moment, but I'm hoping to have the MINI back on the road soon! Stay tuned for updates.

The biggest pain has been all the aftermarket stuff I took off, directly after getting home. At the time I didn't know if I was keeping the car. Now to put it all back on!

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