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Originally Posted by 07hardtop View Post
On the desktop version what I use that works is the "BBCode" under share options for the picture - I'm also using the "profesional" or whatever its called account. Idk if that makes a difference to the options

Click the image to open in full size.DSC_0236 by Batson Creative, on Flickr

Looks like this

[ url= ]
[ img][/img][/url ]
[ url=]DSC_0236[/url ] by
[ url=]Batson Creative[/url ], on Flickr

If you remove the spaces (added to show the code) between the brackets at the start and end of each code line it will display the same image as above.

If you remove the last 2 lines of the code it removes the tag to the file name (3rd line of code) and the hyperlink to your account (last line of code)
Sorry it took so long, I just started to use my laptop only.
But yes, this works perfectly from a mobile device, still a pain, but it works.

Click the image to open in full size.
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

Just hope the old one dies a fiery death.
But I'm not bitter....

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