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From your post I'm assuming you have a PC-- If you care at all about any of the data on that drive, you should be backing it up right now instead of reading this! External hard drives are relatively cheap (consider it an investment!). There are also cloud based options like, but those take days to get all of your data, and one should never assume you have days…

If its a desktop you can probably purchase a new, larger hard drive for cheap and swap it in yourself. It's really not that hard. If you have a laptop, it might be a little more work. Regardless if you plan on buying a new computer (Mac or PC), if you wish to keep the data that's on the current drive, you need to offload it ASAP. (

At my job almost everyone has a Western Digital "My Passport" External USB 3.0 Hard Drive- ~$100 for a 1 terabyte drive, a little more for twice the storage.

Hope that helps!
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