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Default Apple computer speed questions

H'okay, so, I have a Mac Mini that is a few years old. I love it, but over the last few months it has been getting very slow to process anything. I typically use iTunes, Aperture, iPhoto, and Safari... that's about it. All programs have been updated, and it has the most recent operating system. I'm using the same software that I've been using for years, and am nowhere near the storage limit on the hard drive.

So... how do I speed this thing up? This is my first Mac, and I know with all the old Windows computers I had I would need to clean them out, clear cache, delete temporary internet files, etc. on a regular basis with an occasional spam/virus scan, too. I sort of doubt it's a hardware issue, but adding RAM would be simple enough if that's what needs to happen. Thanks in advance for any help!
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