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Hey, not sure how I missed this until now. Good catch on the 2GB up to 8 or 16. 2GB is the "minimum" requirement, but any version of OS X above Snow Leopard (10.6) really needs at lest 4GB to run decently. 8GB gives you some time, but 16 will future proof you even longer.

As far as other issues - are you experiencing pinwheeling? The second really common issue that could cause this is a drive going bad. Hopefully you have a backup. If the pinwheeling still continues after you upgrade the RAM I would highly recommend getting the drive tested using a block-level scan. I use Tech Tool Pro for the company's use as a first line of defense. Every computer we work on gets TTP-ed first before we do any work on it.

Otherwise, I'm sorry to say, but anything permissions-related doesn't do jack for a computer's speed. You only mess with permissions if there is actually a problem with something the computer is doing, and is NOT something an end-user should concern themselves with.

If you upgrade the RAM, and the drive passes the tests, but is still slow, I would recommend taking it somewhere, or you can mail it in to us. I highly doubt you will need to get to any of the steps past the RAM, however. Note: what system are you running? I know you mentioned it's running the "most recent" but Mavericks came out about 2 weeks ago or so, are you on that? (Mavericks is 10.9)

As far as your RAM - make 100% sure it's compatible with your system, If it's not, it either won't fit, or won't boot. You can't cause any problems by installing the wrong RAM - it just won't boot until you get the right RAM back in there. Good luck, and keep us posted!
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