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SSD drives are the cat's meow.

You can even stack a small one in your Mini (via a kit at OWC) and use as a swap drive. That is more budget friendly and abates space issues by using a larger traditional drive for the normal storage. I've run Windows & Mac systems with this setup to find a remarkable bump in speed for those moments when RAM starts swapping out to a drive.

I have used quite a few of Seagate's Momentus XT hybrid drives too (they have 8GB of Flash on board to cache in addition to the usual 64MB cache). Their performance is roughly 85% of a SSD with less cost and, arguably, less longevity problems (not a big believer in that anyway). If you grab one of these (be sure to grab a 7200 rpm variant - the 5400 rpm units are obviously not as fast), you won't regret it. The 750GB model runs about $100 at NewEgg or Amazon. Fantastic performance for the cost.

I'd argue the speed and permissions issues, only because I've watched *nix systems struggle to work when the permissions are out of whack. Definitely worth doing...

As far as moving drives around, that's a snap. Just grab a copy of SuperDuper (available in free and paid versions) and cloning drives on a Mac is point, click, done...
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