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Originally Posted by Pobsey View Post
What do you mean about itís hidden past?

Nice car by the way!
Thanks man.
In regards to the car's history, oh boy, where do I start...

Ok, so first "hmm?" moment was when we went to purchase it. Turned out they "lost the key" to the car. Then it was a few days until a new key was made and we were finally able to go test drive it. Now that I think about it, it's possible they were taking this time to fix things - see below.

Then when we did (or undid) the headlight tints; you can see in the "after" pic that there is a significant amount of sand on the driver's side. When we opened the hood and lifted the plastic bits, a lot of sand, no, sorry.. A LOT of sand was there. I'm pretty sure this car was tracked and this was a little "oh sh*t" moment in the gravel/sand pit.

Third was when I posted the car on BimmerPost. Some folks were saying they saw the car listed online, but it seemed the passenger's mirror was cracked/broken. Perhaps it was just the picture they saw or perhaps it was replaced, I don't know. All I saw online was the original sale posting (LINK) and it didn't look cracked or broken or anything.

Are we scared yet?

Then I went to get my tires replaced because the ride was way too bumpy and the tires were showing wear. My guy said I had two wheels bent. Badly. So I had them repaired (this, together with the sand lead me to believe the previous owner possibly hit a curb and went up on a sand bed or something)... I try not to think about it too much because expensive.

What is this, four? Five?

While fixing the wheels I realized they were M5 wheels. So now I'm assuming previous owner had an aftermarket set and before trading the car in he sold those and purchased a cheap M5 set, with bent damage?

All in all, though, it was the lowest priced M6 Gran Coupe in the state (possibly country) at that time. Afterwards I found out it also had the Competition Package, Driver's Assist Package, Executive Package, and Sound Package. This made it an absolute steal.

Mechanically, the car is solid. I had two shops look into it (Dealer included) and all looked fine. Car drives strong and there are no warning lights. I had to do a few things here and there, normal maintenance stuff, but nothing drastic.

Aesthetically, you can see some wear and tear around the exterior (interior is perfect). Lots of little scratches, swirls, etc. A few dings, nothing broken off or cracked, but not perfect shape, either... Still, 5'-10' away and you can't really tell.

Stay tuned for more drama as I start working on it and find stuff out. lol.
- Leo.
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