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Well the thing is I've already had this part installed for 2 years now.. lol

I just started thinking about the smog.. and was like oh crap - will it effect the smog test.

The exhaust sounds nice.. well to my taste anyways. They've made the pipe really well, it's not ricey like an annoying exhaust. I have a JCW exhaust - purchased from the dealer after I bought my mini and had them install it. The resonator was not welded on it was in fact clamped on, easy install. If you order the jcw exhaust system when you order you're mini then it's welded but after market purchase from the dealer it has a clamp.

So this mod isn't going to effect my smog. I know it's an audio change but I wanted to make sure it was all clear.

I still have the original resonator pipe, I'd hate to switch it out for a test then switch it back.. pain in the arse. I would believe the parts that myminspeed sells are tested and work with smog.

Click the image to open in full size.

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